Questions you may want answered:

Q1: I am a small business, is a website really worth the money?
A: That is dependant on your business, however anyone can benefit from an online presence even if just from anadvertising angle. Remember, the internet is one of the cheapest advertising mediums, yet has the highest target market. We have special packages especially for the small business owner.

Q2: Do we have to meet before you can start my Web site?
A: No. Although it is always nice to meet our clients in person, it is not always feasible. Our business is situated in the Waterberg, and we have clients from as far as Ramsgate. We can successfully serve you via telephone, scype and e-mail.

Q3: What is Hosting?
A: In order for the public to view your website, you first have to house it on a server, accessible online 24 hours per day, seven days a week. It is the so called renting of space on the web for your website to be visible. We Monitor your website and make sure everything is in running order. For more on our hosting packages.

Q4: Who provides the content for my Web site?
A: You provide the relevant text and images and any other media you would like to be on the website. We will compliment it with additional content where available, and with your approval. We need all of the relevant content before we can start on your website project. We also suggest that you get professional help with the script writing and if your website's focus is of a graphical nature, use a professional photographer. Especially guesthouses, lodges and ecommerce sites etc.

Q5: How long before I can see my Web site online?
A: Anything from 2 to 10, days, after we have received your approval and all content. This all depends on how large the website is.

Q6: How much will it cost me to make changes to my Web site?
A: It all depends on the type of website and the amount of time spent on doing the changes. Changes done once a month is free, for more regular changes a fee can be negotiated.

Q7: Do you list my Web site with search engines ?
A: Yes. When the final website was approved by the client we submit your domain name on major search engines like Google and Yahoo as well as Local major search engines.

Q8: Do you make my website, Search engine optimized?
A: Definitely, once the website is finalized, we ensure that we optimize your Web site for primary and secondary keywords and meta tags.

Q9: How do I get visitors to my Web site?
A: Advertise your Website, list your site in as many search engines as possible that are actually relevant to your business. Always consider listing on the major search engines initially such as Google. With accommodation websites (guesthouses, bed and breakfast, lodges, etc) we will also provide you a list of all the major websites where you can list your accommodation and subsequently your website will receive more visibility.

Q10: Is there be terms and conditions applicable and a client agreement between the client and unique-design?
A: Yes our design agreement can be viewed here.

Q11: Why do I have to pay a deposit with the registration of the domain name and hosting?
A: It is normal procedure to pay a design deposit, because a domain name need to be registered for your website to have an address on the web. Hosting need to be created at a reputed Hosting Provider to host your website. All of this need to be done before the initial design of the site start. We will also need funds for any software add-ons that need to be aquired during the design process.